Brymill Cryosurgery Systems

Veterinary Cryosurgery

Veterinarians around the world trust Brymill’s cryosurgical equipment as the gold standard in the industry. The CRYOGUN and MINI-CRYOGUN are manufactured with a progressive valve that delivers liquid nitrogen spray with precise accuracy.

These Features Deliver Better Patient Results

  •  Systems come with four spray tips with apertures of various sizes (.04 – .016 inches) plus a  20-gauge bent spray for more accurate, controlled treatments
  • Fingertip trigger provides maximum control and easy viewing
  • Patented Safety Auto-vent enhances safety by gradually venting internal pressure as cap is unscrewed
  • Streamlined relief valve maintains constant operating pressure for consistent, accurate freezing
  • Stainless steel and brass construction ensures long life
  • Delrin base provides extra stability while Delrin cover and collar insulate user’s hand
  • See the full range
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Size             Model          Static Holding Time      Empty Weight         Full Weight

20Litre      501-20SC         220 days                           19lbs                         53lbs



Model                     Quantity         Static Holding Time         Empty Weight                      Full Weight

B-800Cry Ac 3        300ml                    10-12hrs                       14.5ozs                                      24ozs