Surgeons Head Light

Experience the difference with the HEINE Surgeons Head Light.

There’s LED. And there’s LEDHQ.

Regardless of the type of medical examination, nothing is more important than an unambiguous diagnosis – as early as possible and with maximum precision. And that requires the best illumination possible. LEDs are establishing themselves in more and more applications, but not all LEDs are created equal.

HEINE has set a new standard which maintains that only the best is good enough, from the selection of materials to processing, from light intensity to dimmability, and from thermal management to a colour rendering index as high as possible.

That’s what we call LED in HEINE Quality – or LEDHQ.

We have three corresponding criteria: how precise and homogeneous the illumination in an examination area is, how accurately colours are reproduced when looking through the instrument, and how long LED illumination works with absolutely consistent quality.


Every HEINE instrument with LEDHQ is developed in such a way that it delivers optimal illumination for the application in question. Depending on the application, the instrument is either preset or the brightness can be easily adjusted. In an ophthalmological examination, for instance, the patient can be examined with the lowest possible brightness, but the best possible diagnosis can still be made.

In early 2018, we received a patent for the stepless adjustment 3–100% brightness control for all dimmable BETA LEDHQ instrument heads. At the same time, the light of the LEDHQ is homogenous and evenly distributed across the entire field of view.

The result is evenly distributed illumination from edge to edge, without distracting reflections, shadows, bright or dark spots.

Colour Rendering

The colour rendering index (CRI) shows how accurately colours are portrayed compared with daylight.

HEINE LEDHQ instruments achieve exceptionally high CRI values in order to ensure that the user sees the colours as they are during each examination – for absolutely reliable and precise diagnosis. Red is red, blue is blue.

Operating Life

Thanks to a special thermal management, based on the use of special materials such as ceramics, heat-conducting foils and aluminum heat sinks, the LEDHQ always operates in the optimal temperature range. This guarantees consistently excellent performance and an unlimited operating life.

As a result, our LEDHQ instruments are virtually maintenance-free, as there’s no longer a need to replace the light source. The high efficiency of the LEDHQ and its low energy consumption also extend operating time and battery life and thus contribute to the life-cycle assessment of our instruments.

Better safe than sorry.

To ensure that light sources are used safely, we develop and test all our products according to their intended use and the requirements set down in the relevant standards. All in the interests of the doctor and the patient, of course. This is also a feature that sets HEINE instruments apart, because such conduct is far from common among all market participants.

The Heine Surgeons Head Light is ideal for all examination and surgical procedures. It is comfortable to wear and provides excellent light to the working area whether that is within a clinic or farm environment.

An invaluable tool for all veterinary surgeons.

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The  Surgeons Head Light is manufactured by Heine in Germany and reflects the quality and ergonomic design that has always been associated with the Heine product range.

Comprises:ML4 LED Headlight complete with rechargeable battery, Mains transformer, Headband battery port.

There’s LED. And there’s LEDHQ. HEINE has set a new standard which maintains that only the best is good enough, from the selection of materials to processing, from light intensity to dimmability, and from thermal management to a colour rendering index as high as possible. That’s what we call LED in HEINE Quality – or LEDHQ.

Adjustable illumination spot size: 30mm to 80mm spot size range (at 420mm working distance) to fit any examination situation.

Bright and homogenous illumination. Absolutely bright light spot that is uniform from edge-to-edge for the perfect illumination in all examination situations.

Stepless light intensity control. Optimal brightness setting prevents reflexes.

Flexibility. Flexible Power Source Options: 100% mobility with a choice of cable-free mPack UNPLUGGED head-worn battery or mPack belt-worn battery pack.

Coaxial illumination. Coaxial design ensures a completely shadow-free image and allows for excellent illumination of difficult to see areas.

Comfortable and secure fit. The Professional L headband has multiple adjustment points and soft padding for comfort and stability – even during long examinations.

Optional filters: Polarisation Filter P2 improves contrast and yellow filter reduces blue light.

Headlight magnification loupes available as retrofit option.

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