X Ray Dosimetry Service

X ray monitoring service

Vetequip Ltd are very pleased to offer this  X Ray dose monitoring system to all our customers. It is organized through the Radiation Physics and Protection service within University Hospital Birmingham  and is an approved monitoring service with the EPA in Ireland.(Formerly known as the R.P.I.I).

The service provided is extremely economical, efficient and requires only minimum time input from participating practice staff. Badges are supplied for a set period of time and then have to be returned to RPPS(in the provided envelope). A new badge is despatched to the participant prior to return of the old. The system has a very low monthly cost per badge and this can be paid through a D.D mandate.

Please contact any of the mobile numbers at the bottom of this page and we can very quickly organize all details.

RRPPS monitor about 10,000 workers across the UK and Ireland. The whole body dosimetry service operates a thermoluminescent system manufactured by Panasonic. Dosemeters have a colour coded label with the wearer’s name, wear period and are bar coded.

The HSE has approved  RRPPS for the measurement and assessment of doses to the whole body arising from external x-ray and/or gamma radiation in the energy range 15 keV to 7 MeV, and/or external beta radiation from beta particle emissions of maximum spectral energy in the range 0.74 MeV to 4.5 MeV.


The service has 2 Panasonic UD-7900 TLD Reader’s each holding up to 500 dosemeters. Dose assessment is carried out daily on two readers with dose reporting done in weekly batches.

We also provide a thermoluminescent dosemeter service that can be used to measure doses to the hands, feet and eyes from x and gamma radiation.

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X Ray Monitoring

Customers receive the benefit of a helpful and courteous response to all queries, whether on the interpretation of a dose assessment ,or on the administrative details relating to a particular person or  department. All of which are dealt with from a single base, and five direct telephone lines ensure a speedy response.

X ray monitoring dosemeters can be dispatched to any number of separate departments to ease the burden of distribution and reports are sent to a named person, with – if required – a duplicate copy to the Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA).

To assist RPAs and Radiation Protection Supervisors, the database automatically flags wearers who exceed various action levels and a letter will be produced and sent to the relevant person.

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