X Ray Generator.

Poskom x ray generators

X Ray Generator model meX+20
The meX+20 is the lightest, wired model for mobile use.
Light weight 9.8 kg
Sturdy construction
Compact size
Simple distance control using laser beams
4 memory slots for kV and mAs
7-segment LED read-out reversible, light and laser remote control function

The MeX+20 is the workhorse of the veterinary profession and has proven itself to be simply the best in class.

It is backed up by a great warranty and service engineers who have  completed training with all of the manufacturers workshops

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The Poskom range of x ray generators have proven their worth in the veterinary sector over the last 25 years.Rugged, reliable, powerful  and easily maintained.They have been the workhorse of both equine and companion animal practitioners.

All model x ray generators are both CE and TUV certified.They can be seamlessly matched with all CR and DR processing systems.

X Ray Generator Model meX+20

Technical details:

Tube vol./ current: 100 kV / 20 mA
mAs range: 0.3 – 50 mAs 22 steps
Max. output: 1.6 kW at 80 kV
Focal spot: 1.2 mm
Lamp: LED
Distance laser: dual laser
Presets kV / mAs: 4 APR
Weight: 9.8 kg

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mex+40, meX+60, mex+100