X Ray Apron Hangers/Racks


Compact and sturdy lead apron swing combo-rack with the following features:

Grey metal frame.
Stainless steel cross bar.
Small footprint 62cm x 62cm.
Anti-slip 10 hanger design.
Hangers accommodate both one and two-piece xray apron designs on one hanger.
Locking castors.
Other ‘arm-rack’ options:

5/10 apron wall mount system (left/right side).
Top and bottom swing rack (individual hanger arms).
Available in the following options:
Free standing multi apron rail
Compact 5 apron wall mount
2 apron wall mount
Single apron hanger.

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Multi apron rail, Compact 5 apron wall mount, 2 Apron wall mount, 10 Apron rail