Water Distiller

Vetequip Water Distiller


1.The inner chamber and water tap  are made of  304 grade stainless steel. This minimises contamination.

2.The plastic bottom cover and the internal connecting wires are made of high grade flame-retardant materials,

3.Temperature sensor protectors ensure safety and  stable reliable  performance .

4.The strong glass kettle provides excellent hygiene and immediate visibility of contaminants.

5. The cooling fan is made of aluminum and makes the system more economical and reliable.

6.CE certified  and warranty is now extended to 18 months .
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Water Distiller specifications

Voltage/ Power  110-220V/750W
Chamber inner dimensions(mm) 180*200
Unit dimensions(mm)  235×390
Pack size(mm) 285x275x450
Distiller output 4L
Net weight/Gross weight(kg) 6.5/5.5

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