Video Otoscope

The RocketScope Wired Video Otoscope easily displays patient pathology on Windows computers, laptops or tablets. Improve patient education and compliance by presenting problems to patients in real-time. The simple and easy “plug and play’ design of the otoscope allows for quick set-up and use. The software is included and installs quickly on your computer. The high resolution jpg images can easily be saved to the patient record or sent by e-mail to clients or associates.

Connects to Computers
USB connection allows for easy and instant download of high-resolution images. Store jpg electronically or share images to patients and associates.
Improves Client Education and Compliance
Increases Revenue by Verifying Necessity of Procedure
Easier for Practitioner to See Pathology
Safer Viewing for Practitioner – Keeps Face Away from Teeth
Also Great for Viewing Nasal Cavity, Teeth, Gums and Skin.
Computer not included in Package.

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Detailed, High-Resolution Images
Focus and Brightness Adjustments
Works with Windows Computers, Laptops or Tablets
Working Channel for Foreign Body Removal
Easy Image Capture and Storage to Patient Records