Veterinary X-Ray Table

The XR-SLIDE 2 veterinary table is an X-RAY table with an integrated movable drawer. The table has a steel structure, covered with a powder paint resistant to chipping and scratching. The table top is made of 16 mm thick HPL plate. Under the table is a movable drawer (60x65x3 cm) covered with non-slip mat . The table is equipped with 4 lockable castors.

Features of the table:
• permissible load of 150 kg
• steel base, covered with powder coated paint resistant to chipping and scratching
• 4 lockable castors
• 16mm HPL plate
• advanced sliding system
• drawer (60x65x3cm) for an x-ray detector|

Advanced sliding system:
In the XR-SLIDE 2 table we used a system of lubrication-free linear guides. This system is based on the principle of “sliding instead of rolling”. Optimized high-performance polymers in combination with non-corrosive materials are used as the sliding surface. The guides run dry, which makes them maintenance-free and insensitive to the effects of dirt, water, chemicals, heat or impacts. In addition, thanks to the materials used and a special design, they are characterized by an extremely quiet operation.

Features of the top made of HPL laminate:
– Very high strength and resistance to mechanical damage
– It has a significant chemical and biological resistance
– Easy to keep clean and sterile
– Flame retardant (Class Cs1, d0)
– Waterproof, full resistance to moisture and water vapor


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Data sheet

Work Surface
HPL white plate
Length 160 cm Width 65 cm
Top Dimensions
160×65 cm
80 cm
Permissible Load
150 kg
70 kg
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