Animal Ventilator

As a mechanical ventilation device, this is definitely a veterinary ventilation innovation! With high-performance turbine drive, the R420 ventilator no longer needs  gas cylinders and works equally well on oxygen generators!  Traditional ventilators required the pressure of an oxygen cylinder but the R420 works efficiently with just a generator. It is simple to use as the operator inputs the weight of the animal and the machine does the rest,

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  • Technical Specifications

  • Turbo Drive: Electronically driven by a high-performance turbine, no more gas cylinders
  • Precise ventilation:Minimum tidal volume down to 4 mL,more friendly to tiny animals.
  • Smart preset: Once the animal weight is inputted the smart respiratory parameters are calculated
  • Guard “breathing” safety: Accurate and continuous monitoring of respiratory status, such as airway pressure – time chart, minute volume, EtCO2, and etc.
  • Multiple alarms: Multiple alarms and clear handling prompts ensure the safety of mechanical ventilation
  • PEEP function: Help veterinarians solve low SpO2 problems during surgery
  • Auto system leak test:Graphical guidance for quick start
  • Remote control of inspiratory hold: During a CT scan of the chest or abdomen, help the animal to hold the inspiration and complete the CT scan