Veterinary Tonometer Model Tonovet Plus


The new veterinary tonometer model Tonovet Plus has  species-specific updated calibrations
for cats, dogs, rabbits and equine.

Tonovet + Tonometer

New features make IOP measurement easier
than ever. The position lights assure your angle
is always correct when measuring.
Device will also instruct the user about the
distance by a message on a clear, big display. IOP
can be taken by just one press and quality of the
measurement is clearly indicated.

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 Veterinary Tonometers can supply a wealth of information concerning the well being of animals. 

Most eye diseases cause redness
of the eye. IOP should always be
measured from all red eye patients.
IOP measuring is quick and easy with
the TONOVET tonometers. Discreet
measurement is painless for the
animal and does not require topical

In less than a minute the
made measurement will give important
information; high or low eye pressure may often be the only
distinctive symptom between serious and harmless
eye problems.”
Elina Pietilä, DVM, DipECVO
Ophthalmologist, Evidensia Malmin Eläinklinikka Apex
Helsinki, Finland

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                   Which Veterinary Tonometer

Tonovet Plus                                                                              Tonovet

Type name VTV011                                                                      VTV01
Dimensions 24-29 (W) x 35 – 95 (H) x 215 (L)                                   mm 13-32 (W) x 45-80 (H) x 230 (L) mm
Without batteries   140 g                                                                      155 g
With batteries        230 g                                                                       250 g
Power supply 4 x AA non-rechargeable batteries, 1.5V alkaline LR6
Display                  OLED, in colours                                                    LCD
Error messages :Pictures & clear messages                                      Error codes
Positioning assistant lights:    Yes                                                       No
One press measurement
option                                Yes                                                       No
Settings / Calibrations 4 settings: dog, cat, rabbit & horse          2 settings: dog/cat & horse
Warranty 2 years

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