Veterinary Stethoscope


For excellent acoustic performance

Rugged,robust  premium quality veterinary stethoscope .

Combined double chest piece with two different frequency ranges to choose from: A high-quality membrane on one side and a conical acoustic head on the other side.

Areas of application / indications
Stethoscopes are used by Veterinarians and trained personnel for auscultation of the circulatory system, respiratory
system as well as the gastrointestinal system in order to interpret the respective sounds. During blood pressure
measurement a stethoscope is used for the detection of Korotkow sounds in order to determine the systolic and
diastolic blood pressure of adults and children.
The stethoscope consists of chest piece, stethoscope tube and binaurals with separate ear olives.
HEINE GAMMA® Stethoscopes are available with various chest pieces and tubes.

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Veterinary Stethoscope:

Made by Heine in Germany

Excellent acoustic features ensure that users will consistently pick-up cardiac sounds

This veterinary stethoscope is available in 2 sizes(large and small animal) .

Comfortable fitting professional veterinary stethoscope.
Binaurals can be adjusted to fit correctly.
Refer to the following adjustments
• Binaurals are too tight for comfort
To reduce the spring tension, firmly grasp each section of the binaurals between thumb and fore finger and
widen carefully.
• Binaurals are too loose
To increase the spring tension, grasp both sides of spring with one hand and squeeze them together.
This process can be repeated as often as needed.
Switching the double chest piece
Depending on the required frequency range, select either the membrane or the open bell side. In order to change
hold the connecting tube in one hand and the chest piece in the other, now turn it 180° until there is a noticeable
If the connecting tube points towards the membrane: Auscultation with the bell.
If the connecting tube points towards the bell: Auscultation with the membrane.
Hygienic Cleaning / Processing
For cleaning we recommend a clean, damp cloth with a mild soap solution. If needed, use a non-aggressive
disinfectant for the membrane. To extend the flexibility of the stethoscope tube we recommend the use of a vinyl
This product does not require regular maintenance.

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Veterinary Acoustic Stethoscope, Puppy/small kitten stethoscope