Veterinary Ophthalmascope

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The Veterinary Ophthalmoscope from Heine :

Is Powerful and Rugged

Incorporates a focus wheel and various apertures

Is Slim and easy to store

Lightweight  and can be clipped onto a pocket.

Has True colour imaging.

Veterinary Ophthalmoscope features and where they are used:

 A grid (graticule)–use it to compare the size of the lesion to the size of the optic disc.

 Red-free filter (emits green light)–helps evaluation of hemorrhage and blood vessels, which appear black.

 Apertures of varying diameter–use the largest one that is appropriate for the patient’s pupil.

 Changing lenses permits the examiner to evaluate the depth/height of a lesion, or to examine more anterior structures, such as the lens. A raised lesion will come into focus by adding convex/converging lenses (+). A depression/coloboma will come into focus by adding concave/diverging lenses (-). In dogs, each diopter you add is equivalent to 0.28 mm.

 Use of a narrow beam allows to evaluate depressions and elevations of fundus lesions.

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Additional information

Rechargeable option

Requires Recharging Pod NT4

Spare Bulb

XHL Xenon 2.5v,3.5v