Surgical Suction Trolley Unit

Surgical Suction Trolley Based Unit is designed for :

Efficient and fast clearing of detritus from the surgical area.

It is easy to use and easy to clean. It has a small footprint but a powerful impact whilst efficiently clearing your surgery area.

• Steady 900 mbar depression for precision suction of great
volumes of tissues, bone fragments and blood.
• Powerful 90 l/min suction.
• Reduced 20 Kg weight and small size (36 x 101 x 44 cm) for
facilitated movement and simple integration under the worktop.
• Complete standard equipment: 50 disposable sets (bags, tubes
and cannulas) for a very competitive cost for any surgical
• Rounded edges and membrane control protection for easy
cleaning and disinfection.
• Wheeled cabinet, double container and control pedal available
as standard, for a competitive confi guration without expensive
Facilitated movement for better integration in the surgical layout.
Disposable cannulas, collection bags and tubes for great asepsis.

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A conventional aspirator removes a considerable air/water vapour volume and few solid
substances. The required depression is low, about 200 mbar.

• To obtain a more selective suction (blood filaments, tissues,
bone fragments), a 900 mbar depression and a significant
power are necessary. An output filter on the cannula is also
required to recover any bone fragments.
• A direct view on the container enables the control of the
volume of suctioned liquid/blood.
• Hygiene is fundamental for the patient’s health; all the
statistical studies show that asepsis improvement plays an
essential role on the success rate of surgical interventions.
• To remove the bacteria produced by the amount of suctioned
liquids and solid matter, the suction tubes must be disinfected
at least twice a day with an appropriate liquid.
• The disposable sets (tubes, cannulas) for surgery ensure
the maximum asepsis level required, crucial to respect and
protect the patient.
• Finally, the mobility of the device means that it can be closer
and positioned more efficiently in the workspace. It simplifies
cleaning in the prep room. The suction unit can be
placed under the worktop when not in use.