Small Animal Video Endoscope

VCO6010 Small Animal Versatile Video Endoscope

For the examination of ear, nose and throat tumor diagnosis, broncho check up, foregin body removal and urinary tract and bladder check-up and operation.


The VCO6010 is an extremely versatile tool for use in companion animals. With the extended length and sleek design, this multi-purpose veterinary endoscope is ideal for numerous small animal applications including upper and lower gastrointestinal investigations, E.N.T, big dog bronchoscopy, gastroduodenum, colonoscopy and retrograde rhinoscopy in dogs.


5.8mm outer diameter
1000mm length
2mm working channel
4 way angulation, 180 up, 160 down, 100 L&R


1x leak tester • 1x water bottle • 2x biopsy forceps • 1x viewing screen and charger • 2x cleaning brush • spare set of pistons • spare biopsy caps • cleaning kit and accessories • protective case for transport •

Reusable Biopsy Forceps / Disposable Biopsy Forceps / Aspiration Catheter [Sterile] / Aspiration Catheter [Non-Sterile] / Three Prong Grasper / Jumbo Loop Snare / Retrieval Basket / Guttural Pouch Probe / Cytology Brush / Roth Net

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