Scrub Sink

Surgeon Scrub Sinks

All stainless steel surgeon scrub sink ideal for use in operating theatres and examination rooms.

  • Hygienic grade 304 stainless steel construction
  • Robust and hygienic
  • Knee push or sensor operated models available – Touch-free
  • Available with mains operated or battery operated sensor taps
  • Deep backsplash
  • Available in one and two stations

Dimensions: (Length x Width x Height unless stated)

  • One-station – L574 x W520 x H687mm
  • Two-station – L1074 x W520 x H687mm
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The surgical scrub sink is available in various dimensions and can be supplied as a Knee Push, Elbow lever or sensor operated system.

Contact our sales department for details and advice.


Surgeon Scrub Sink One-Station Knee Push

Surgeon Scrub Sink One-Station Battery Sensor

Surgeon Scrub Sink One-Station Sensor

Surgeon Scrub Sink Two-Station Knee Push

Surgeon Scrub Sink Two-Station Battery Sensor

Surgeon Scrub Sink Two-Station Sensor