Veterinary Patient Warming System

Veterinary Patient  warming system represents a significant breakthrough in technology and features our unique ThermAssure™ fabric.

This state-of-the-art technology warms by using a semi-conductive polymeric fabric that delivers safe and effective heat to the patient – no blowing air, no hot water.

The HotDog Controller delivers low voltage (48V DC) to the Blankets, which warm by electrical resistance. The Controller continuously monitors the resistance…maintaining the perfect temperature at all times.

Veterinary Patient Warming System

Anaesthetized animals can very quickly lose body heat and hypothermia should not be inadvertently added to the trauma of an already stressed patient .Recovery time can be reduced significantly if the patient does not lose core temperature level. Monitoring is important as no surgeon needs the good work to be compromised by a hypothermic patient.

The veterinary patient warming system is very easy to set up and use. It provides comfort to both animal and surgeon.


  • This unit powers 1 Blanket to warm 1 patient at a time
  • Touchscreen user interface for easy operation
  • Integrated training slide shows
  • Alarm error codes to diagnose any alarm readings
  • Troubleshooting information displayed
  • Adjustable settings for volume, brightness, etc.
  • Temperature display options: F or C
  • 2 over-temperature alarms for safety
  • IV pole mount clamp
  • A clear cable retention loop/strap can be used to assist with cable management
  • Universal VESA bracket mount
  • Light weight – 11½” high, 6.35 lbs.
  • Quiet
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Extended Warranty Available.
  • Blanket Sizes and Uses

    V101 Extra Small 10″ x 12″ (25.4cm x 30.5cm)

    Very Small Animals like Mice and Rats in Research


    10″ x 23″ (25.4cm x 58.4cm)

    Exotics or Pocket Pets


    16″ x 22″ (40.6cm x 55.9cm)

    Average-sized Cats or Small Dogs


    22″ x 31″ (55.9cm x 78.7cm)

    Average-sized Dogs


    27″ x 47″ (68.6cm x 119.4cm)

    Large Dogs

    Select the blanket size that is the best fit for your patient


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Please note the quoted price does not include any blankets .Warming blankets are individually priced and should be added to the base unit cost.

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Veterinary Patient Warming system blankets are available in 5 sizes ranging from extra small to extra large

Blanket Features:

  • Reusable – environmentally friendly
  • Heavy-weight polyurethane outer shell resists punctures
  • Easy to clean
  • Warms up in just a few minutes
  • Flexible – use over, under or around the patient
  • Includes adjustable straps that can be used to maximize contact and heat transfer
  • 1 year warranty
  • Review manufacturer website
  • See our range of patient monitors
  • Veterinary Patient Warming System User Instructions 
  • Use under the direct supervision of a surgeon.
    1. Select the Warming Blanket size that is the best fit for your patient, covering as much
    of the patient as possible.
    Position the Blanket under, over, or around the patient as desired, with the black side
    facing the patient. Make sure the patient is in contact with the sensor. Refer to
    Precautions and Pressure Reduction for guidance.
    2. If desired, use the included strap to help conform the Blanket to the patient. Connect the yellow cable to the short yellow cable off the side of the Blanket by
    aligning both red dots and pushing straight in. Do not twist!
    3. Connect the opposite end of the yellow cable to the Controller by inserting it into a
    yellow port with the red dot on the cable facing up. Do not twist!
    4. Turn the Controller on to begin warming and select the desired temperature on the
    Controller. (Refer to the appropriate HotDog Veterinary Controller User and Technical
    Manual). The Blanket will take approximately 3 minutes to reach the selected
    5. Monitor the temperature of the patient frequently during each case. Increase or
    decrease the Blanket temperature gradually to maintain normoth


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Warming Blankets

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