meX+1417 WCC DR Plate

meX+ 1417WCC
WIFI – Complete wireless solution
AED function (automatic exposure detection)
AP (Access Point) Mode – direct Wi-Fi communication between detector and workstation
Cassette size – ultra thin 36cm x 43cm Retrofit Solution
Internal Image Memory – save up to 100 images without a connection to Laptop / PC
Universal – suitable for mobile and stationary use
Superior image quality – due to 127µm and 3,9 line pairs / mm

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Technical data:

Interface: Wireless
Sensor Type: Amorphous Silicon with TFT
Dimensions: 384 x 460 x 15,4 mm
Active Image Area: 35.8 x 42.3 cm
Scintillator: Caesium-Iodid (CsI)
Weight: 3 kg
Pixel Number: 2756 x 3268 pixels
Pixel Pitch: 127 µm
Line Pairs: 3,9 / mm
A/D Conversion: 14/16 bit
Energy Range: 40-150 kV
Battery: Li-Ion battery (3400 mAh)
Battery Running Time: up to 3 hours per battery