Laser Therapy System

For those who are looking to take therapy laser to the next level or for the discerning buyer adding it to their practice for the first time, the CTX is a perfect fit. This rugged platform is designed with a focus on no-nonsense clinical outcomes. The CTX includes:

Patient Tracker, easily save & repeat treatments
Perfect Protocol, dosing solutions for every patient
SmartCoat Plus Technology, easily dose common conditions
Species-Specific Protocols, canine, feline, equine, exotics
Built-In Videos, training and client education tools
Manual Operation, for the expert user
Battery Operation, true portability
Intuitive Interface, simple touch-screen operation
Loaner provision, never spend a day without a laser

Exclusively Available with the CTX (Domestic Orders Only)
Mobility Package, canvas carry bag
3 years of warranty

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Veterinary Laser Therapy System
As the nimble problem-solver on your team, laser therapy (photobiomodulation therapy), is fast-acting and versatile. This doctor-prescribed, technician-driven modality effectively treats a wide variety of conditions including pre-surgical, post-surgical, acute, and chronic disease states. Wow your clients with this proven therapy that wins favor with fast results, non-invasive delivery that patients enjoy. And did we mention cute eyewear that clients love?

Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy results are achieved when a sufficient dose of light energy reaches target tissue and results in decreased inflammation, decreased pain, and accelerated healing. Companion’s patented delivery system and detailed, species-specific protocols provide answers to dosing challenges that result in the best outcomes – every time. Superior outcomes are easily achieved on a wide variety of conditions, making the return on investment for a therapy laser better than any other piece of capital equipment in veterinary practice. Get your return on investment consultation today.
Laser therapy can effectively reduce pain and inflammation associated with a variety of acute and chronic conditions, including:

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