Laboratory Incubator

Professional Laboratory Incubator

Stainless steel construction

Easy to use

Reliable and Rugged

Precise and efficient

Range of sizes

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 Incubators feature:

Intuitive easy to use controls. 

Bold illuminated LED display, 

Precise temperature control from ambient +5°C to 100°C with timer functions.

These Incubators can run at set temperature immediately.

Utilize a run back timer or enable a delay start feature.

Can be configured for gravity convection or with variable fan speed providing forced air circulation within the chamber.

The chamber is constructed from high quality stainless steel, lagged with high efficiency thermal insulation, all contained within an outer steel housing and anti-bacterial paint finish.

With energy efficiency in mind, particular attention is paid to robust design, insulation, a tight door closure with silicone seal and hinge design to maintain chamber temperatures with intelligent temperature control..

Exhaust air flap is dial adjustable from 0 to 100% for chamber venting.

Fan chamber convection variable from 0% to 100%. Fan convection improves temperature uniformity and heating recovery time.

Door, lockable with 2 point door engagement for an even seal.

On left hand side the Oven features a 35mm diameter Access port, with perforated flap cover, to reduce heat losses when used with external probes.

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Capacity Options

15L, 32L, 56L, 112L, 240L, 400L, 750L