CR X-ray Digitiser

Lightweight, compact desktop-type CR. Offering rich specifications, this model CR can be used for small facilities and specific departments such as emergency rooms and is particularly suited to Veterinary facilities because of its user friendly software ,excellent imaging and robust construction.

Desktop Mono-slot Reader (60 plates/h)
Selectable Resolution 87.5 / 175 μm
Ultra compact, 0.31 m2 / 28 kg
Environmentally friendly
Easy Maintenance
Fast consistent processing

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Available cassette sizes are:18×24, 24×30, 35×43 cms
Dimensions :W510xD610xH355
As a result of Konica Minoltas vast experience in digital imaging this system has Integral Processing.
This is a robust algorithm that automatically produces the optimum diagnostic image. This patented technique greatly simplifies x ray image acquisition.
Consistent image quality with virtually no retakes are the hallmark of this technology.