Inhalation Chamber for Cats

AnimHal Cat enables the administration of drugs by inhalation. Unlike oral treatments, AnimHal Cat delivers the drug directly to the area to be treated.®®

This enables a much faster action, reduces the amount of drug to be administered and decreases the risk of side effects in cats.

A shape that adapts to all cats

The shape of the AnimHal Cat mask has been the subject of a collaboration with the SIAMU, Emergency and Intensive Care Department of the VetAgro Sup Veterinary University Hospital.®

This collaboration has confirmed that the AnimHal Cat mask is suitable for the majority of cats, unlike the round masks usually provided. This is a real innovation that promotes adherence to inhaled treatments for cats.®

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Feline asthma is a respiratory disease that affects 1 to 5% of cats, or more than 140,000 cats in France. All cats are likely to suffer from it, regardless of age, gender and breed.

Factors of cat asthma

Cat asthma can be caused by inhaling allergens and/or irritants present in its environment, such as pollen, cigarette smoke, perfumes, dust from the litter box, etc … Other factors may also be involved in the occurrence of asthma, but their roles need to be further studied.

Symptoms of cat asthma

There are many symptoms of cat asthma, which vary as much in their manifestations as in their severity. Some of the most common symptoms include coughing and sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, dyspnea (difficulty breathing), exercise intolerance, respiratory distress (seizure), and tachypnea (faster breathing).

Feline asthma is divided into three broad categories:

  • Intermittent (or Grade I): Symptoms occur occasionally, not every day. The cat can live normally between seizures.
  • Mild (Grade II) and Moderate (Grade III): Symptoms occur daily but remain mild or moderate. They cause episodes of discomfort for the cat, which cannot, during these episodes, lead its life normally.
  • Severe (Grade IV): the symptoms are life-threatening. The cat is always limited in its activities and can not lead a normal life.