IBEX Probe MC8.0

High-frequency [6-10 MHz] microconvex transducer, 10 cm depth

Small animal abdomen, bovine reproduction, small ruminant pregnancies, used with OPU aspiration device

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A word about our cables…
All IBEX® cables are tested to
1.2 million flex cycles:
• Polyurethane cable jacket is
extremely durable, chemical
resistant and biocompatible
per USP Class VI
• Copper alloy coax and copper
alloy tinsel shield developed
for controlled elongation
• Kevlar strength members
embedded in cable bundle to
protect coax breakage
• All materials RoHS compliant
…and our transducers
All our transducers are designed
specifically for rugged environments. But if the worst happens,
they can be repaired, too!