Ethylene Oxide Gas Ampoules

Sterilise everything that an autoclave can’t… plus everything it can!

Three gas kits are available for the Anprolene sterilisers, the usual kit would be the AN-79.16 with 14 ampoules of 17.6 g gas and a 40 l bag .


A 5 g ampoule from the AN-71 or AN-73 kit is sufficient for smaller volume loads.

When you need to sterilise your Laparoscopic spaying equipment, Endoscope, Orthopaedic Equipment without damage? Look no further! Our range of affordable EtO sterilisers are the answer! Our simple, reliable systems are trusted and used by thousands of vets around the world.

EtO is versatile and gentle and can be used to sterilise anything except food, drugs and liquids. Extend the life of your gutting and grinding instruments, no damage to the cutting edges as no heat or steam is used. Sterilise ALL your electrical items including drills, cameras, laptops, phones, keyboards even your theatre shoes and stethoscopes!

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Anprolene sterilisers are the most inexpensive and versatile sterilisers available. Ambient temperature (≥20 °C) should be maintained for the duration of the sterilisation cycle, sterilising loads up to 40 l in 12 hours.

It is recommended that a Max-Min Thermometer be installed in the sterilising area  to check for temperature variations.

Anprolene sterilisation cycles are designed to be the gentlest available, allowing repeated sterilisation whilst preserving medical devices in pristine condition.

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AN79, AN73, AN71