Ibex Evo 11 Ultrasound Scanner


With four times the processing power of previous IBEX platforms, the EVO II equine scanner provides image quality never before seen in a rugged portable ultrasound. Improved image quality will allow the user faster and more accurate exams for any species.

At just over six pounds, the IBEX EVO II is designed to go anywhere, from an exam table in the clinic to the truck to the barn. With field-swappable batteries you will no longer need to worry about the closest electrical outlet. It is Engineered with DuraScan® technology, and features sealed keyboards and probe connections. The IBEX EVO II can go anywhere your work takes you.
Equine practitioners will immediately appreciate the image quality, versatility and exceptional build quality that is the EVO while companion animal users benefit from all the features together with the superb software.

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EVO II is the next generation of the latest, most advanced model in the IBEX family. The EVO has significantly better image resolution, color-flow Doppler, remote control, improved features and remote image-viewing apps. The EVO II is ideal for equine practices, companion animal practices, zoos, and anyone demanding a high-quality image in a robust system.

3x brighter display—a NIT rating of 1200 [EVO® I has a NIT rating 400]
The EVO® II supports the new L7HD transducer.
Version 2.0 firmware has improved image quality and feature settings.
This Rugged, splash resistant, and highly portable system with a new line of variable frequency transducers is ready to go wherever you need it most. The EVO II also accommodates optional video headsets—perfect for viewing in bright sunlight or low light situations.

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EVO II Equine scanner + FASTVet™

There is no need to change the scanner for use with companion animals. Just change the probe and you can not only avail of the EVOs high definition imaging but also the superb dedicated companion animal software .
You should be using ultrasound EVERY DAY in your veterinary practice!

FAST is an acronym for the abbreviated ultrasound examination called Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma created as a triage and post-interventional screening test by human trauma surgeons in the 1990s.

When it is used in conjunction with  the  C6E and C9E transducers, FASTVet offers something that no other portable ultrasound does—rapid diagnostic protocols on a portable unit and probes designed specifically for small animal veterinarians.