Dynamic Equine Exercise Endoscope

The Tele-View Dynamic Equine Exercise Endoscope is an easy-to-use method of analyzing upper airway restriction problems during exercise. The Endoscope System is lightweight and harness-mounted and can give dynamic endoscopic results in as little as 30 minutes. For the TV-506 Articulating Model, the insertion tube starts in a straight position when it is placed into the horse’s nasal cavity. After placement, it is then articulated down with the camera tip positioned above the larynx. This placement gives an excellent view of the epiglottis and larynx, both, at rest and during workouts. The recording camera of the TV-506 records both audio and video. The system utilizes a high definition, wide angle sensor to record high quality video. A microphone in the recording camera also records the horse’s breathing during the workout. The audio and video is then saved to the SD card located in the recording camera and it can then be transferred to a computer for viewing.
Harness Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 Kg)
Endoscope Cable Width: 9/16?
Endoscope Cable Length: 42” (106 cm), Custom Lengths Available
Light Source: High Intensity White LEDs
Batteries: Rechargeable 6V NiMH
Power Supply: AC 110v or 220v
Working Temperature: 32º – 140ºF (0º – 60ºC)
Video Screen: 3.5” High Resolution TFT
SD Card: 4 G

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Gold Standard for Diagnosing Upper Airway Restriction Problems
Results in as Little as 30 Minutes
Records High Quality Video & Audio
Share with Clients and Trainers
Utilize During Normal Workouts with Standard Training Equipment
Safer Than Treadmills

Real-Time Imaging
Video Output Format: NTSC/PAL
Digital Video Recorder Battery: Rechargeable Li-Polymer 3.7V
Digital Video Recorder Power Supply: AC 100-240V