Dental DR X Ray Plate

The Ez Sensor is simple and straightforward to setup and use. It is durable and provides IP68 protection to the imaging plate and can be used with any existing Dental x ray system.
The plate is ideally suited to veterinary use as it is easy to position, provides superb HD images in a matter of seconds and only requires minimal radiation dosages.
Using the Ez Sensor will instill greater user confidence because “success breeds success”

EzSensor HD especially provides expert images when you choose the ‘high resolution mode’.
There is no image degradation caused by magnification. This greatly benefits you, when you check a ROI which requires an in depth review.

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Detector CMOS
Pixel Size 14.8μm
Theoretical Resolution 33.78lp/mm
Dynamic Range 12 bit
Active Area(WxL)
Size 1.0 _ 20 x 30mm
Size 1.5 _ 24 x 33mm
Size 2.0 _ 26 x 36mm
Size 1.0 _ 25.4 x 36.8mm (1.00 X 1.45 inch)
Size 1.5 _ 29.2 x 39.5mm (1.14 X 1.55 inch)
Size 2.0 _ 31.3 x 42.9mm (1.23 X 1.69 inch)
Thickness 4.8mm(0.19inch)
Cable Length 2.7m