Dental Cart 2

Vetequip dental cart unit provides a variety of functions for veterinarians, such as grinding, polishing, cutting and cleaning, and makes daily animal oral health work easy and efficient.
The extra powerful compressor provides consistent energy for all the handpiece options no matter how long they are operated. This system is sturdy, reliable and easy to operate. Annual service is pre-arranged by us and that means you can confidently organise your dentals schedule without fear of interruption.

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The system is supplied as a complete package and enables the customer to immediately avail of all the following options without further investment.
High Speed Handpiece 1pcs Mainly for Cutting/Drilling
Low Speed Handpiece 1pcs Polishing
3 Way Air/Water Syringe 1pcs Oral Disinfection and Washing
Suction Handpiece 1pcs Aspirating liquid and debris from the mouth
Disposable Suction Tip 1Set(25pcs) Used with Suction Device
Burs 1 Set(Tapered fissure burs*5+Spherical burs*5) Used with High Speed Handpiece
Disposable Polishing Head 1Set(10pcs) Used with Low Speed Handpiece
Polishing Paste 1Set(10pcs) Used with Polishing Head
Lubricant for Handpiece 1bottle 30ml ,For daily maintenance of high / low speed Handpiece
Veterinary Ultrasonic Scaler 1Set (6 Scaling Tips Included) For Animal Teeth Scaling