Sonoscape Pro Pet 40 Elite Ultrasound System

The Pro-Pet 40 companion animal ultrasound machine is designed for clinicians who love ultrasound and wish to indulge their passion .The Pro-Pet 40 is just so good to use, that further exploration feels  obligatory and of course going the “extra mile” is what distinguishes your diagnostic skills. Your ability may have outgrown the current scanner but you can be re-assured this machine has plenty in reserve. It is still easy and intuitive to use while incorporating many of the features associated only with the very best premium machines. Subtle differences are easier to recognise when viewed with the high definition clarity of the “40”.This machine will bring real value to any veterinary practice! Contact us today to book your demonstration

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  • Fully-articulating arm : Easy adjustment for monitor position to enhance visibility.

  • High-resolution monitor & Touch screen :23.8 inch monitor (optional) and 13.3 inch touch screen for fatigueless view and smooth operation.

  • Intuitive user interface:Straightforward layout effectively reduces keystrokes and manipulations. Customizablekeys increase flexibility for different user preference.

  • Flexible console:Height-adjustable and rotatable console can basically satisfy any scanning requirements.

  • Compact build:Slim and robust design offers enhanced mobility and easy accommodation even in difficult space.

  • Long-lasting capability: 2 hours continuous scanning per charge.



Enhanced needle visualization technology reveals needle location within animal anatomy with no distortion when performing interventions like nerve blocks and tissue biopsies.


Precise left ventricular wall motion detection with globally 2D speckle patterns tracking provides accurate quantitative analysis including strain, strain rate, displacement, velocity, etc. on myocardial walls.

Micro F

Distinguishes minute flow from overlaying tissue movement effectively, and depict hemodynamic with higher sensitivity and spatial resolution.

Stress Echo

A straightforward template for clinicians to take multiple dynamic images at rest and after stress and make side by side comparison. Professional wall motion bulls-eye scoring and reporting is provided for further effective evaluation of animal cardiac muscle viability.

Strain Elastography

Offers a real-time tissue stiffness assessment displayed as a color map to detect potential abnormalities within normal tissues.

Auto EF

Automatic ejection fraction calculation based on left ventricular wall tracing and Simpson’s rule saves time and efforts compared with manual measurement.

Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound

The non-linear contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging makes full use of harmonic and fundamental signals to give a more enhanced image of difficult-to-view blood flow. Provides a color coded parametric view, indicating the uptake time of contrast agents in different perfusion phases to better differentiate tissues.


Is delicately engineered to reduce speckles while improve image uniformity and enhance border continuity, providing authentic presentation of details and enhanced lesion display

Spatial Compound Imaging

Utilizes several lines of sight for optimal contrast resolution, speckle reduction and border detection, with which is ideal for superficial imaging with better clarity and improved continuity of structures.

Bright Flow

3D-like color Doppler flow strengthens boundary definition of vessel walls, helping clinicians more intuitively visualize blood flow.

HQ Scan

A newly-developed 2D improvement technology to enhance the contrast and whole image structure with better details.

Auto Bladder

One key bladder wall tracing and volume measurement from Auto Bladder can efficiently provide more accurate contour and results, which is not subject to the bladder shape and size.


Uses myocardial Doppler frequency shifts to quantify myocardial tissue motion, with red and blue representing the different direction of wall movement.