Vetequip Centrifuge Pro-Vet HE

The dual purpose veterinary centrifuge that separate’s blood, urine, haematocrit and many other routine samples. The standard, inclusive combination rotor combines haematocrit (PCV) and standard 2ml tubes . Thus saving money by not requiring further rotors and saving time by not requiring you to change rotors for different procedures.
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Programs Speed Time
1. PCV 13,000Rpm 300 secs
2. Serum 1 6,000Rpm 600 secs
3. Serum 2 5,000Rpm 300 secs
4. Urine 2,500Rpm 300 secs
HWD 280x240x360mm
Weight 12.8 Kg
Power 125 Watts

Additional information

Weight 12.8 kg
Dimensions 280 × 240 × 360 cm