Anprolene Gas Refill Kit

When packaged, each ampoule is surrounded by a fabric shield. The ampoule and this shield are sealed in a plastic bag which acts as the gas diffusion – or gas release-membrane. The ampoule is inserted into the centre of the load to be sterilised and then must be broken in order to initiate the cycle. Please refer to the Youtube instruction video at:

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The standard Anprolene refill kit comes with ampoules and liner bags . The ampoules and liner bags are packaged in a convenient storage/dispenser box.  Ampoules contain up to 17.6 g of EtO and the liner bag (sterilisation chamber) holds up to 40 l. This kit is suitable for use with any Anprolene steriliser.The size of bag and the size of the ampoule is variable .Please check on the “Options” to find what is appropriate for your requirements.

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VAN7914, VAN7125, VAN7360